How Massage Therapy Can Help Relieve Your Migraine

There are other options to relieving your migraine than taking painkillers. Painkillers are convenient. However, you’re still putting chemicals into your body. There are natural alternatives you can use to relieve the discomfort of migraines, and one of the most popular is massage therapy.

Although there is no official research that concludes people suffering from migraines benefit from using massage therapy, many people do find it beneficial in relieving their migraines or headaches.

Types of Medical Massage

There are many different massage therapies that you can use, such as:

Trigger point massage:

This therapy aims to identify specific points where tension is building up within the muscle tissue. These trigger points that are causing a build-up of pressure are massaged to restore the flow of energy. Once the energy flow is restored, the tension caused by these blockages recedes.


This is a well known Chinese therapy that involves the practitioner applying pressure to certain parts of the feet. The Chinese believe that specific points on the feet are linked to other parts of the body, such as the heart, liver, and kidneys. Each of these areas is pressed and massaged to relieve blockages that may contribute to specific ailments such as migraines.


This therapy has a similar approach to reflexology. The only difference is that pressure is applied to the head rather than the feet. The basis of this therapy is to relieve migraines by soothing tension in the muscles and to increase blood circulation around the cranial area. You can do this yourself by placing your fingers from one hand on to the scalp and place the fingers of the other hand between each eyebrow then, massage and press down with a soft to moderate pressure.

The best thing to do is to try out each type to find the one that gives you the most comfort and benefit, as each type may not suit every one’s taste. It is best to have a therapy session with a qualified practitioner. You can either check your local listings or you can contact the La Massage School for the contact details of recognized therapists in your local area.