Everything About Los Angeles City

Los Angeles is the city of Angels as the name describes it. It is one of the biggest cities in California State in the United States. It is home to the world’s largest film making industry Hollywood.

With the word Los Angeles, movie stars, action, and camera shots come to the mind. The city of lights, unbound beauty, and a lot of the population is no doubt the heart of the United States. The city is the entertainment capital of the world as most people say it. The city glitters with Hollywood stars living in neighborhoods of the world’s most expensive and glamorous localities.

Dolby Theatre
Dolby Theatre, Central LA, Los Angeles, California, United States

The most creative city in the world has art in its every nook and corner. The beauty of the city lies in its creativity owing to a massive number of schools, colleges, and universities of performing arts. Cinema, theater and films are the cultural centers of Los Angeles. The city hosts the most prestigious Hollywood award ceremony ‘Annual Academy awards’ or ‘Oscar Awards.’

All the beauties of Hollywood cinema come under one roof in these world-renowned awards. The city of Los Angeles has a legacy of Hollywood stars and their lives. Music is another significant part of the city’s glittering life. There are schools of music, production houses and concert halls to make and entertain the music lovers of the world.

Walt Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles,
Walt Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles, United States

All the major music productions are based in Los Angeles making it a proud capital of cinema and music of the world. The Walt Disney concert hall is one of the most beautiful and amazing buildings of the world. Are you Looking at the hall’s shiny metallic walls, its architecture design takes us to a new and advance world of beauty.

The curves, simplicity, and metal of the Walt Disney concert hall gaze a new form of architecture into an advanced society. Sport is another feature of the city. Los Angeles has played host to the Summer Olympic Games twice.

Hollywood Sign
Hollywood Sign, Los Angeles, California

Football is a crazy factor in the lives of city residents. Los Angeles has played host to many games of FIFA world cup, including the finals of the most-watched world cup. Significant numbers of stadiums and clubs are home to the city. There are many League Teams of Los Angeles football clubs. There are huge numbers of buildings, shopping malls, and skyscrapers in the glittering city.

Walk of fame is a popular street where Hollywood stars’ feet are imprinted. It is one attraction for people coming from different parts of the world to see who is included in the walk of fame. Usually the imprints make a shape of a star around the feet of Hollywood superstars with their name on the top of the star.

It is one of the good places to visit in the city. But for shopping, nothing can beat malls of Los Angeles. Although quite expensive, Los Angeles shopping malls have all the brands from around the corner of the globe. It is a prestigious city proudly standing for its creative innovations.